IT consultant with effective solutions.

In simple terms IT consulting is defined as a process that involves an individual who is asked to help a client in a work related matter.
We come to the aid of customers in information technology related terms (both individuals and companies) in matters related to everyday work and work optimization.

Why is IT consulting so important?
To get a better idea of the benefits of ​our services and what they can bring to your company I have illustrated some examples below:

  • Professional hosting services.
  • Expanding or optimizing existing systems.
  • IT consulting and solutions to problems related to information technology, both hardware and software, from simple system configuration, hardware infrastructure (networks, servers) to complete business solution implementations.
  • Advice on purchasing equipment from all categories.
  • Internal web sites that facilitate communication between departments and resource sharing.
  • IT information security services ranging from security mobile units (laptop) or hard drives (desktop, server) to wired or wireless network security, data security encryption by special methods, systems, centralized access to internal network resources, monitoring systems and network access to each resource separately.
  • Efficient monitoring of active and passive devices(computers, laptops, switches, internet modems, routers, etc.) to prevent malfunctions that may affect the company’s productivity.
  • Custom applications that can address the specific needs of the company for various categories.
  • Database server or Internet access service management, including advanced configuration of proxy servers, firewalls, email, ftp, active directory, or traffic monitoring, limiting traffic / bandwidth.
  • Analysis and database design services for optimisation purposes.
  • Data backup services from company servers and employee workstations, allowing your business to be protected against a number of attacks or threats and instant access to backups from any location for convenience.
  • Websites for company or product presentation for sale on the internet, or for various other purposes.
  • Video surveillance services for monitoring the activities of the office or various workstations with internet access and various data storage options – video surveillance services can be configured to stream video to public locations to be included in your site.
  • Audio surveillance services if/when allowed by law.
  • IT consulting for monitoring data traffic entering and leaving your network when the law allows.