Advertise on the Internet.

How to make more sales?

How to get on Google’s first page?

How to make good advertisement on the Internet?

To increase market share a long-term and obvious direction is Internet advertising combined with selling your products.

While many companies offer complete systems of product sales, advertising strategy and Internet sales performance require specialists.

An electronic store will not guarantee customers but simply provides a method of communication and product display in front of your clients. But how do you attract them? A common solution is optimizing your website to attract more traffic from search engines.

This service, called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves an initial cost, usually according to competition on the market, but does not guarantee an exact volume of sales and offers no way to control or predict future traffic and sales .

All you do is work to bring it on the first page on Google and usually on other search engines, or in the best case the first position of the search result on the same search engines.
Imagine that you can control the number of people who come into your store and you can set a price per customer that you can include in your cost branch.
Imagine that every day you can control how many clients you want to enter the store and how many sales you want to make.

Imagine that you can push the cost per client as late as possible, usually after you’ve made the sale and collected money from the client.

In standard methods of advertising, newspapers and magazines, radio and television, billboards,everything is based on market research and statistics. These statistics depend on many factors and may be more or less accurate.
Market studies are generally categorized as initial investments and have a no guarantee of success. Usually samples are expensive and involve target populations and last long, both when collecting and analyzing data and creating marketing reports.

On the Internet things are different.

Advertising on the Internet is a continuous statistic with immediate results, total control and real-time reports.

In traditional advertising media mentioned above your exposure has too little control, your ad is seen by a large number of people who have no interest, and can turn into anti-advertisement, literally irritate the audience.

On the Internet there is increasingly more control when it comes to matching the right advertising with the client, which makes a sale more likely.
It has been shown that a customer considers an advertisement useful if it appears at the right place at the right time.

In traditional media, potential clients are actually bombarded with a plethora of advertisements that are not generally relevant to customers unless they have an immediate need, and they want to fulfill it.

Internet advertising can be extremely targeted, focused only on customers who at the moment have an immediate need and who at moment come in contact with the services or products offered by your company.

There is also an impulse buying factor, a factor which in turn increases the likelihood of sales to a first contact potential client with your firm. This factor is very important and makes the difference between a store with prices that are expensive but in the main traffic of customers in a supermarket and a considerably cheaper store but also much harder to find.

Obviously the store that has the biggest venue is privileged, but it does not have any control over the flow of potential customers.
If in the unfortunate event that a distributor can no longer support your customer demand, your costs are constant (high rent for commercial space, employee wages) and there is a chance of losing important clients.

This means that in addition to not making sales, you lose money because of fixed costs, without being able to reduce them.
On the Internet, in the same case, you can control your costs immediately to protect your money.
Well, all these things can be done with a professional Internet promotion through various advertising and sales networks.

Advantages to advertising on the Internet:

  • Alignment with current and future standards.
  • Cost control according to your budget for each item sold separately.
  • Fixed cost per customer, you pay depending on how many customers you want.
  • Pay on time, at the end of the month, long after you have collected money from customers.
  • Adaptation of sales and promotion strategy based on performance.
  • Possibility of creating a marketing strategy based on impulse buying.
  • Targeted exposure, low probability for you to be labeled as bothersome, annoying, and so on compared to traditional methods of advertising.
  • Protection from loss due to fixed costs.

Disadvantages of promotion on the internet:
If you see a disadvantage in the possibility of a sales and promotion strategy on the Internet, please tell us, we yearn to find out!
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